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Walls and Facades with Stones

The facade of a house is its business card, it reveals the owner's style and personality, and as the old saying would say, First impression remains, Speaking of which, how is the facade of your house?? A little old, caidinha? How about giving it an “up”

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Rust Slate for Cladding

Rust slate stone for cladding has this naturally aged effect, making it even more beautiful and different, has been increasingly gaining favor with architects and decorators abroad and is now one of the most exported stones, Can be used to cover internal and external environments such as fireplaces, grills, benches, panels, sinks, islands, Kitchens,

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São Tomé Stones for Swimming Pools

The summer is comming.. and you are already renovating or building your pool? Decor Pedras has the perfect stone for this environment, we offer all models, colors and sizes of São Tomé stone, also known as mining stone or quartzite, is used for swimming pool floors because it does not retain

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Stones in Decoration, how do you use them?

decorative stones (or rocks, more correct name), are on the rise in interior design. It's a super current trend, and to avoid mistakes when choosing and applying the coating, This post offers some tips! Natural stones are generally presented on the market in two forms: in stores

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Coating with Stones

Nowadays, There are different forms of wall decorations, and with that, people can choose the type that they like most and also, choose the type that best matches the rest of your decor.. In addition to famous wallpapers, there are also walls with textures, with collages

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Stones for Garden Paths

Stones for Garden Paths To enjoy your garden in the best possible way, it is necessary to create circulation areas…preferably with practical and easy-to-maintain materials. The options are many and allow you to get a beautiful effect, well integrated with the vegetation and the style of the house

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Everything you are looking for about Pedra Ferro

IRON STONE What is Iron Stone? Ferro Stone or also known as Topázio is a volcanic rock, called by this name because it goes through an oxidation process, presenting different shapes, textures and colors, has a dark tone ranging from brown, rust to a black, returning – to

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Ambiente Pisos

5 Stones to Use Without Fear on the Garage Ramp

Anyone who has never let their car slide backwards when stopping or starting off on a ramp should throw the first stone.. Even those who don't drive have probably seen this scene as a pedestrian., and already felt a little intimidated by the situation. There are basic requirements for a ramp to work

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Decoration with Stones: How to make your home amazing

Check out incredible suggestions on how to use stones as part of your home decor Some rooms in the house can be decorated with stones. In truth, the vast majority of spaces accept this element. From something more definitive, done on the walls, even small details that can be changed, ideal option for

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Porcelain Tiles for Countertops: Questions and Cautions

The use of porcelain tiles for countertops has started to become more popular in recent decades., as advances in porcelain manufacturing technology have allowed the creation of larger, more resistant pieces. Porcelain tiles are appreciated for their durability, stain resistance, ease of cleaning and variety

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Efflorescence – what should i know?

If you arrived at this article it's probably because you're looking for a solution to that whitish appearance on your natural coat.. This happens more frequently in natural coverings such as iron stone., slate and basalt. Many customers end up coming to our store, looking for a solution to eliminate this

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4 modelos de pedras decorativas para parede

4 Stone Models for You to Cover your Wall

when we are in renovation, we find on the market several options of wall coverings. from stones, cementitious, tablets, ceramics and porcelain. The rock, depending on your model, is considered a rustic home coating. Using stones on the walls makes your environment more rustic and at the same time modern.

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stone iron | Which is? how is it sold? Meet the Models

If you've made it this far, you're probably renovating your house or building it right? When looking for a coating for our home, we always want a coat with beauty, easy maintenance and low cost. With different coatings on the market, the iron stone is highlighted for its beauty, easy maintenance and

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Floors and Paths for your Garden

To enjoy your garden in the best way possible, it is necessary to create circulation areas, preferably with practical materials and easy maintenance. The options are many and allow you to get a beautiful effect, well integrated with the vegetation and the style of the house the choice will be determined by the

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