4 Stone Models for You to Cover your Wall

when we are in renovation, we find on the market several options of wall coverings. from stones, cementitious, tablets, ceramics and porcelain.

The rock, depending on your model, is considered a rustic home coating. To use stones on the walls make your environment more rustic and at the same time modern.

You've probably seen it in your city, houses with stone facades, can be on walls, taken out, tickets. Nowadays, stone cladding in indoor areas is also widely used., as rooms, bedrooms, sinks, gourmet areas and even bathrooms.

Nowadays, only in our store has more than 300 decorative stone models. And among these models, there are size variations, cores, thickness and even the appearance.

So sometimes it can be difficult to choose which stone works best in your environment.. That is why, We always advise you to accompany an architect or designer to choose your stone for the wall..

Soon, now that you know where to place your stone wall. But you still don't know which stone model to put? Keep reading that we'll give you some tips. Stay tuned for information to help you make your choice., and also at the time of purchase.

If you want, you can take a look at our gallery of stones for you to be inspired.

Which one is best for wall cladding?

Choosing the best stone for wall cladding is a little difficult, since there are several models of stones on the market.

Therefore, the choice of the best stone will depend on your project and location of the stone.

An important point is to verify that the chosen stone model is compatible with the area that will be placed. For example, there are models of marble mosaics that are not suitable for outdoor use., this because of its model with small stones, high and low relief, facilitating the entry of dirt and making cleaning and maintenance difficult.

Today, one of the stones best known for its durability is the basalt it's at stone iron. As they are stones of volcanic origin, they have a greater durability, besides having low maintenance. but still, should be waterproofed to facilitate their cleaning.

How to choose decorative stones for the wall?

One of the most important steps, and maybe, what homeowners like best is the choice of stone cladding. That's because there are several models of stones, that change and highlight any environment placed.

That is why, sometimes, stone is a primary choice among coatings., because she can change any environment.

You know that environment you don't like very much, that you avoid passing, or prevent visitors from seeing? Then, are usually the places that our customers want to give an UP coating with stones.

Choosing decorative stones to cover walls, will depend on the location. For example, for larger areas the choice is usually larger stones., that give more prominence. For smaller environments, stones are chosen with smaller models, with different designs, and usually embossed to work with artificial light.

It's good to keep in mind too, the color of the decorative stone. Today the variety of stone colors is enormous. You will find from white stones, yellow, red, and even rusts, brown and black.

If you have a bright environment and want to make it even cleaner, you can use white or gray stones. But if you want to make the stone stand out, you can use more striking stones, What: Red, black, rust, brown and greenish.

What places can I coat with stone?

any location! Sim, the stone can be placed on any wall, as long as it's safe, have a good finish, and has no infiltration.

Let's go to the tips?

Living room

The living room is one of the places we spend more time after the bedroom. Many people choose to change the environment for this very reason..

You may coat with stone behind the tv panel, behind your sofa, in fireplaces or in the dining room, you can also cover the wall beside the table.

It is important to remember that some stones have low and high relief, if the environment is tight and you can possibly pass people touching the stone, can sometimes scrape or hurt parts of the body, for the stones are rough and sometimes sharp.

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Sim! You can coat your room with stone too..

There are several models of stones that give a more rustic feel to the environment. So you can play with some models, lining the headboard, or also on the tv panel.

It is a good option for those with warmer rooms., and want to find a way to cool the room for the summer. The stone manages to maintain the temperature, making the environment more cozy.

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If you want to add a little extra touch to your kitchen, the stone is a great option.

Stones with smaller sizes and lighter colors are also used in kitchens.. You can coat skirting, walls near the dining table, or even the bench.

Stone is a great combination for porcelain countertops.

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The facades of houses and offices are the place where we sell the most stones. That's because you can coat facades with stones at any point. be at the entrance, on the balcony, on the outside of the high ceiling, around the windows, in the driveway, on the walls beside the gate and much more.

You can choose bigger stones to be seen from afar, can highlight with a lighter color if the house is darker, or a darker highlight if the house has lighter paintings.

One of the most sold models for external areas of facades are high and low relief stones, More known as 3D stone.

For facades, it is very important to hire a specialized professional for placing the stone, and also the waterproofing of the stone for better maintenance and to avoid dirt, graffiti, or limo.

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Gourmet areas

Gourmet areas include barbecue grills or swimming pools.

Stones are often used in barbecues, front of benches, skirting, fireplaces and waterfalls.

It is okay to use stones in hot areas like barbecues and fireplaces.. As long as the correct mortar is used and the waterproofing to avoid dirt, grease or charcoal stain.

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Toilets and Bathrooms

But you can use rocks in wet areas? maybe yes, since again, are waterproofed and placed with the correct mortar.

The stone is considered a porous coating.. The waterproofing of the same helps to close the pores preventing the penetration of dirt, that makes maintenance difficult.

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Decorative Stone Models for Walls

Always tuned in to trends, we keep our Coatings Show Room constantly updated.

We have options for all tastes, Indoor or Outdoor environments, Rustic or Delicate, you are sure to find some Coating that will stand out in your project..

Stone fillets/canjiquinhas

Fillets also known as canjiquinhas or toothpick are used to cover walls, columns, sources, sinks, islands, stair walls, fireplaces, grills, internal and external facades, commercial and residential environments.


The models range from the most rustic to the most contemporary and modern, a great option for those looking to differentiate their environment with a natural coating, valuing and making it even more pleasant and elegant.

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Fillets are manually applied in layers, fixing is made with specific mortar for each model, for a better finish, hire a specialized workforce, for your convenience, Piso de Pedra recommends qualified professionals. Discover all available options.

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Stone Screened Mosaics

Mosaics in Stones has been gaining more and more space among architects and decorators as an option for coating internal and external areas in general.

They are stones in small screened formats that gain sophisticated cuts and designs, valuing your environment even more.

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Can be applied in Fireplaces, barbecue grills, Room and Stair Walls, Sinks, bedrooms, Kitchens, Facades and Walls, Commercial and Residential environments.

Its advantages are easy, quick and organized placement, several color options, sizes, thicknesses and compositions, in addition, of course, the beauty that the stones provide to spaces, several models at your disposal. The installation of light at the top of the application maximizes the shading effect of the mosaics making the environment even more beautiful.

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Irregular Stone Coatings

Coatings with Irregular Stones provide the environment with a more rustic style due to the irregularity in thickness, diameter, face and colors that these models have as main characteristics.

A great option for those who want to make their space more natural, rusticity and differentiation, decorating and protecting at the same time.

The placement of this material must be carried out by a professional workforce, Piso de Pedra indicates the best professionals in the market in this field.

Can be used as wall covering, facades, fireplaces, grills, Stair and room walls, columns, sinks, indoor and outdoor areas in general. Available in various colors and textures..

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Sawn Stone Coatings

Coatings with sawn stones for walls are easier to install, this is because they are standardized in their diameters., just varying the thickness.

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Can be used as wall coverings, columns, sources, gardens, fireplaces, grills, sinks, facades, indoor and outdoor areas in general.

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A great option for those who like stone, but look for speed at the time of placement, without losing the charm and beauty that the rocks provide to the environment. Available in various models, colors and sizes.

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How to install decorative stones on the wall?

Most stones are placed with mortar. It's also good to be aware of the color of the mortar and its model.

for white stones, the recommended is the installation with white mortar to avoid darkening the stone.

For heavier stones or in hot environments, it is important to use mortars ACII or ACIII.

at the time of placement, the placer or the person contracted for the service, must put stone by stone. If it's a 3D stone, must be paying attention to the thickness variation, placing a thinner and a thicker stone.

Heads up: the stones NOT must be selected! Use all the product that is on the pallet without selecting the stones that you think are prettier or thinner/thick.

If you want to select the product, you need to notify the seller at the time of purchase to buy a break larger than indicated.

Piso de Pedra does not install Decorative Stones.

Where to buy decorative wall stones?

You can find all the options mentioned above in our decorative stone store.

Piso de Pedra has a headquarters in Curitiba/PR where it sells in physical stores and has a wide and sophisticated show with several models of decorative stones and also porcelain tiles.


To contact us by form Click here.

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If you are from São Paulo, in 2020 we inaugurated one new branch of Piso de Pedra in Osasco/SP, where we sell decorative stones and also has a large showroom to better serve you.

loja de pedras decorativas pedra ferro sao paulo osasco piso de pedra 3

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