Stones in Decoration, how do you use them?

decorative stones (or rocks, more correct name), are on the rise in interior design. It's a super current trend, and to avoid mistakes when choosing and applying the coating, This post offers some tips!

Natural stones are generally presented on the market in two forms: in stone stores that are exposed in large quantities outdoors (in full size, or cut into steaks, the so-called “canjiquinhas”), or in covering stores, when they are already paged and in plates, attached to screens. The first option is ideal for giving a more “natural” look., while the second, It is best suited for more detailed interior environments with a greater degree of perfection.

The most used types are: mining, Saint Thomas, stone iron, sandstone, Canjiquinha, Guyanese, portuguese mosaic..depends on the region of Brazil and the effect you want to obtain! Varies in color, texture and size, but the precautions for its application and maintenance are similar:


Which stone to use?

The choice of type of stone will vary depending on the effect you want to obtain. (cor, texture, size, pagination and finishing) and even its availability in your region. – Before applying: the surface where the stone will be applied must be clean, free from moisture and fungi, and plumb: any leveling fault must be corrected. If the wall is too smooth, It's a good idea to apply a rough coat first for better adhesion to the rock..

How to place Decorative Stones?

should preferably be carried out by a professional in the field, with the appropriate tools. It is always done from the bottom up, with adhesive mortar. You can choose between dry joint, or leave space for grout application. It is important to leave a space of a few centimeters, and do not touch the stone to the edge of the wall with the floor and ceiling, so it doesn't crack later with dilation. After, It is good to apply silicone to avoid moisture.

Where and how to apply Decorative Stones?

The appropriate place to place the covering is the one that will receive the greatest attention in the environment: The wall you soon see when you open the door, the tv panel, of the staircase… an effect that can be enhanced by the insertion of points of light focusing on the covering. Avoid applying the stone in large areas, always taking into account the amplitude of the environment: too much stone can make you tired, and even make something charming become banal.

Get inspired 😉

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