stone iron | Which is? how is it sold? Meet the Models

If you've made it this far, you're probably renovating your house or building it right?

When looking for a coating for our home, we always want a coat with beauty, easy maintenance and low cost.

With different coatings on the market, the iron stone is highlighted for its beauty, easy maintenance and easy placement.

This stone is currently being a success in architecture. In this post I will explain in detail everything you need to know about the iron stone.

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This stone comes from volcanic origin, it can have different names depending on your city., some call it topaz, pericó stone or rust stone Where basalt rust.

It is formed from metamorphic rocks that have textures that resemble rusty iron., that's why she brings so much beauty to environments.

This corten stone is a very resistant rock., this is due to the entire oxidation process that it goes through., that's why this stone has colors from brown, rust even black.

Ah, we cannot forget that this stone is of Brazilian origin!


The color of natural Iron Stone is rust, like an oxidized iron. This rock undergoes an oxidation process, causing different formats to appear, textures and colors.

You can see that in some photos the iron stone is more orange (rust) and other darker ones (brown and black). This will depend a lot on the quarry lot that the iron stone is extracted from..

Recently, a new stone color has been launched on the market, a black iron stone. even with that name, the stone still undergoes color variations in its lot.

revestimento filete de pedra ferro preto serrado 5 cm curitiba piso de pedra 2

Its predominant color is black., can come from gray stones, even yellowish. It's not a problem, because it brings a more natural and rustic feel to your environment..

When installing your iron stone, It is important to use all the stones that arrive in your work. do not select the colors and sizes! This will bring a big loss of stone, bringing a much bigger break.

Obs.: If you want to select the stones together with their placer, is important add a break much bigger than already recommended, above your footage. The recommended is a break of 10% a 15% depending on the work.

What does this "break" mean??

The break is nothing more than a safety margin that you need to buy for coating or flooring above the footage of the area to be coated..


This is a big question for customers..

The thickness of the iron stone varies a lot. It is important to remember that we are talking about a natural stone., extracted from a rock and is not manufactured.

Iron stone may vary in thickness from 1 cm up to 3 cm, may have a greater variation depending on the model.

For example the irregular iron stone fillet can arrive from 2 a 8 cm thick. That's because it's an irregular stone, the focus here is not something “right”, it's something more rustic and unique.

in sawn stones, the thickness variation is also deliberate. This 3D effect that you find in the models is thanks to the high and low relief of the stone..

The placement of the embossing and embossing will depend on two things: thickness and mortar. at the time of placement, your placer will separate the stones further “fine” of the stones more “thick”.

Conform or purchased model, it will place a thinner stone next to a thick one., and so on. Not using stones of the same thickness side by side. This will make the 3D effect much more evident., making the placement much prettier.

Piso de Pedra does not work with stone installation. We always recommend a professional installer to install decorative stones for floors or walls.. At the time of your purchase, ask for a referral from the seller who is serving you.

How iron stone is marketed?

Nowadays there are several models of iron stone on the market. There are several cuts that make anyone fall in love.

One of the best-selling and most desired cuts is the iron stone models SAWN.

If you want to know our models of stone iron, visit our showroom at Osasco, or in Curitiba.

Let's talk about the following models below.:

  1. Sawn Iron Stone
  2. Irregular Stone Iron
  3. Iron Stone Fillet
  4. Iron Stone Mosaic

Sawn Iron Stone

This name is given to rectangular models, square or even hexagonal. They are easy-to-place models due to their straight cut.. Usually sold in loose pieces that must be placed 1 To 1 on the wall or floor. They can have models from 5×5 cm up to 30×30 cm or 40×40 cm. Depending on customer taste.

These sawn models are sold by the square meter.

revestimento de pedra ferro 10x10 piso de pedra curitiba pedras revestimentos pedra ferrugem foto autoral 2 1

Irregular Stone Iron

In this irregular model, can be sold either in pieces to be placed on floors or walls. Formats are filleted thick Where fine or in stones without cutting definition.

The irregular model is sold by the square meter.

23. Filete de Pedra Ferro Irregular Grosso 4

Iron Stone Fillet

The fillet is one of the most beloved in architecture and design. Its ruler format is widely used for wall coverings internal or facades.

It can be found in the SAWN form. (straight cut) Come in 3 cm To 5 cm Tall, or also in IRREGULAR form thick Where fine.

This model is also sold by square meter.

revestimento filete pedra ferro serrado reguinha 3cm

Iron Stone Mosaic

These models are one of the most sought after. The stone is sold in small canvases in the size of 30×30 or 40×40 which is quick and easy to install. Brings pieces in smaller formats with different designs. the beauty is amazing, toilets are used a lot, bathrooms, waterfall, barbecue grill, fireplaces, between others.

On screened models, are sold by the piece. to calculate is easy, if a piece measures 30×30 You need to 11,1 pieces to make 1 m². calculate your footage times 11,1 parts.

mosaico de pedra ferro telado

What are the advantages of Pedra Ferro?

many customers ask, but why iron stone is so sold? why does everyone like her so much?

This is easy to answer. in addition to your beauty, a DURABILITY and yours EASY MAINTENANCE.

Iron stone has a high durability compared to other stones.. Because it is a stone with low porosity and super RESISTANT. That's why it is often placed on walls with leaks.

Its maintenance is also super easy., because it's a dark stone, the dirt practically doesn't appear. dream right?

What helps is also waterproofing the stone, which is a recommendation, let's talk about it in a moment.

What environment can I cover?

any environment!

Sim, the iron stone can be used in various environments without worries.

In addition to being widely used in facades for its easy maintenance and indescribable beauty, you can coat wet areas like bathroom, toilets and waterfall. Warm areas like barbecue or fireplace.

in addition to washed, offices, bedrooms, islands, gourmet area, walls.

And we can't forget the FLAT. It is a product of high durability and also non-slip because of its rough texture..

How is the Stone Installation?

The iron stone is a heavy stone with low porosity., we always recommend placing the stone with ACIII mortar which is super resistant and sticky.

revestimento mosaico de pedra ferro 10x10 10x20 20x20 fachada piso de pedra curitiba 820x1024 1

The stone doesn't need grouting.

Some stones with irregular shapes end up with holes between them, this is normal!

We always recommend using ALL the stones that are delivered to the customer.. E NEVER SELECT the coating so that there is no loss of product. So always use the small pieces for cutouts or final finishes.

To hire a professional iron stone installer in Curitiba or Osasco contact us. Piso de Pedra does not work with installation of decorative stones.

Iron Stone Waterproofing

This stone can be waterproofed normally.

If you want one LOW MAINTENANCE we always recommend waterproofing..

Waterproofing with the correct product, makes the stone always look new and the dirt doesn't get into it. (In addition to protecting against possible vandalism)

oleofugante antes e depois pedra ferro impermeabilizada

The correct product for waterproofing the stone is the Oleofugante. It is an Oil-based product that protects and revives the color. And there is no danger of staining stones like other multipurpose resins..

You find the Oleofugante in our store of Curitiba/PR e Osasco/SP. Click here to make a budget.

In the video below we teach you step by step how to resin your iron stone:

How to waterproof the iron stone?

Waterproofing stone iron with the product living stone.

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