São Tomé Stones for Swimming Pools

The summer is comming.. and you are already renovating or building your pool? Decor Pedras has the perfect stone for this environment, we offer all models, colors and sizes of São Tomé stone, also known as mining stone or quartzite, is used for swimming pool floors because it does not retain temperature, it is non-slip, has a texture similar to a sanded surface despite not being. And because it is a very resistant stone, it is also used in garages., sidewalks, ways, floors in general. Available in yellow colors, mixed yellow, White, pink and green. check out:

São Tomé Yellow Irregular

São Tomé Branca Irregular

São Tomé Verde Irregular

São Tomé Amarela Serrada (also available in other sizes)

Discover some works with Pedra São Tomé.

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