Coating with Stones

Nowadays, There are different forms of wall decorations, and with that, people can choose the type that they like most and also, choose the type that best matches the rest of your decor.. In addition to famous wallpapers, there are also walls with textures, with collages and even walls decorated with stones.

The walls decorated with stones also have a very modern and contemporary look., It is a great option to contain moisture in the wall, preventing the accumulation of mold and other types of fungi. Check out some tips for walls decorated with stones.

The models of walls decorated with stones can be very varied.. For those who don't want to spend so much on this type of decoration, You can use the stones on just one part of the wall, without completing it completely.

It is recommended that only one wall in the room has this type of decoration., so that it can gain greater prominence and the look becomes even more modern. For people who prefer something more delicate, You can opt for tablet-shaped stones, Several different types of stones can be used.

Other suggestions for walls decorated with stones are to use stones on an entire wall, whereas normally, At least two different types of stones are used. When decorating walls with stones, be careful with the choice of stones., since they must be in perfect harmony in terms of their size, shape and especially color and texture.

Stones can also be used to complete other types of decorations., Like for example, wallpapers or other types of textures. These are wall options decorated with stones.

revestimento de pedra portuguesa petit pave branco parede piso de pedra interno 6

revestimento mosaico de pedra ferro 10x10 ferrugem piso de pedra curitiba sao paulo osasco 6

revestimento filete de pedra ferro preto serrado 5 cm curitiba piso de pedra 2

rs028 parede de escada de mosaico sao tome branca 5x5 5x10 10x10 370x240 1

23. Filete de Pedra Ferro Irregular Grosso 4

revestimento marmore travertino rockface 10x20 piso de pedra curitiba osasco sao paulo 2

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