Rust Slate for Cladding

Rust slate stone for cladding has this naturally aged effect, making it even more beautiful and different, has been increasingly gaining favor with architects and decorators abroad and is now one of the most exported stones, Can be used to cover environments internal e external like fireplaces, grills, benches, panels, sinks, islands, Kitchens, facades, walls, columns, gardens, among other environments, an easy-to-install stone. It combines perfectly with other decorative elements, especially wood., make your corner even more elegant with Rust mining slate.


rs020-revestimento-parede-externa-com-ardosia-ferrugem-10x10 rs021-revestimento-de-parede-de-muro-com-ardosia-ferrugem-40x40

24.3-Ardosia-Ferrugem-15x15 24.2-Ardosia-Ferrugem-15x15

filete de ardosia ferruem


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