Pedra Moledo Branca is featured in the environment at CASACOR Paraná

In day 04 June 2023 29th edition of CASACOR in Paraná started.

Under the theme Body & Household, this year's event embraces an expanded “home” concept, showing that the address goes beyond the physical place where one lives, also encompassing the body itself and the planet.

The architects Juliana Marques and Roberta Lanza from Griff Arquitetura designed the Suite Morada as a theme: a zen-buddhist culture. An environment that seeks to rescue the essence of existing.

“Our home is an extension of our body., it is our abode outside ourselves, and Wabi-Sabi is a good way to understand this dynamic. It teaches us to appreciate the natural state of life., to see the wonders present in any raw and unfinished form”, say the professionals.

Pedra Moledo Branca Irregular CasaCor Parana 2023 Griff Arquitetura 28

In an environment with 72 m² the space brings organic forms, light tones and natural materials. With monochrome palettes in nude tones creating a totally cozy environment. Bringing stone textures, madeira, linen and wool.

Our Participation

Piso de Pedra was pleased to make this suite available, our white soft stone to make the environment even more cozy.

Used in its natural form, without padding, the coating of soft stone It was installed with white grout across the entire bathroom wall area.

On the Stone

The white moledo stone is a granitoid (granite-like rock) which was named as Moledo. It has gained prominence in recent years due to its unique beauty., being indicated for several areas.

In this "free" model, it is sold per square meter and loose. Offering the possibility for the stone setter to coat the way the customer decides. It has white as the predominant color and some gray/yellow pieces may come.

This coating has a sawn back, flat surface helps the installer sit on the wall when installing, no need to saw or cut in half.

Pedra Moledo Branca Irregular CasaCor Parana 2023 Griff Arquitetura 26

This coating is available for sale in our store in Curitiba/PR and Osasco/SP.


Curitiba: Of. Mal. Floriano Peixoto, 8787 – big mouth, Curitiba – PR, 81730-000

Osasco: Of. Pref. Hirant Sanazar, 1235 – Umuarama, Osasco – SP, 06030-095


for budgets, contact a nearest branch store:

Curitiba Online Sellers:

Osasco Online Sellers:

Please, contact your nearest store for a quote.

Photos and Videos of the Environment

check out a video of the stone installed in our showcase at the Curitiba store: stone floor – Since 1997 (@pisodepedra) • Instagram photos and videos

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