Stones for Garden Paths

Stones for Garden Paths

To enjoy your garden in the best way possible, it is necessary to create circulation areas…preferably with practical and easy-to-maintain materials. The options are many and allow you to get a beautiful effect, well integrated with the vegetation and with the style of the house the choice will be determined by the use you will make of the house space.

Beauty is far from being the only consideration when choosing a stone for a garden path.. The material needs to be non-slip and, if possible, draining and ecologically correct, the options are numerous and range from traditional products such as stone and wood to more elaborated ones. There are floors made of tires, tiles and even recycled light bulbs; that imitate wood and stone; synthetic footsteps for use in the garden; and hollow elements, that can be filled with grass or gravel.

the stones, because they are easy to maintain, are a great alternative to outdoor paths.. The options are numerous and range from pebbles, which must be fixed on the subfloor, to larger plates, placed directly on the ground. Check out a selection of stones ideal to give a rustic touch to your garden. To see all models Click here.

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