5 Stones to Use Without Fear on the Garage Ramp

Anyone who has never let their car slide backwards when stopping or starting off on a ramp should throw the first stone.. Even those who don't drive have probably seen this scene as a pedestrian., and already felt a little intimidated by the situation.

There are basic requirements for a ramp to function and be safe for its users., These requirements can be found in your city's legislation and address the width, height in relation to the building, type of use and mainly: the slope.

Even on rainy days, or in other adverse conditions these ramps, whether it is within the standards or not, need to be secure and easy to use. This is where the main tool comes in to ensure the best possible use of ramps.: the coating.

It is unanimous even among professionals in the ceramics industry (the really serious ones), that the best covering options in this case are natural stones. But after all, what stones can be used to cover a garage ramp.


  • Unique ornamental effect.
  • They are thicker and harder, resisting the passage of vehicles for decades.
  • Its face is rough and therefore non-slip.
  • The value for money is excellent, as they are found in all price ranges
    and its installation must be done with cement and sand, which are much cheaper materials than external mortars.




14.2 Miracema 11,5x23 (3)

A very traditional raw granite, gray tones combine with countless colors and facade layouts.
The face has roughness that facilitates the friction of the tires with the tread, making it safer.

2 – Pedras Madeira

22.2 Pedra Madeira Verde 11,5x23

18.1 Pedra Madeira Amarelo Envelhecido 11,5x23

These are the colored versions of miracema, with the same characteristics but enabling color plays and more elaborate landscaping work. Available in green colors, yellow (in order of photos), and still white with purple spots, light pink and red.

3 – Pedra Goiana

9.1 Goiana Amarela 10x20

The main feature is the unmistakable shine, in the shape of “little spots” that look like gold and silver fused to the stone. Much sought after for this effect and its rough, non-slip surface.

4 – Pedra Portuguesa or Petit-Pavé

revestimento de pedra portuguesa petit pave preto chao piso de pedra 3

Available in caramel colors,Red, black and white, This stone began to be used in Brazil centuries ago. It was brought by the Portuguese as a counterweight on ships, who in turn returned to Europe full of goods. Very efficient for ramps
for its small parts that generate many grout ramifications, and consequently cause a lot of friction between the floor and tires.

5 – Pedra Lousa Paranaense or Rough Pink Granite

pedra lousa louzinha cinza 20x20 piso de pedra curitiba sao paulo

They are very thick and heavy granite blocks., They resist larger vehicles and have very rough faces. It can be considered a rough stone, however, it provides a subtle aesthetic effect due to its light colors.

Now just choose the stone and maneuver as you please.!

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