Decoration with Stones: How to make your home amazing

Check out incredible suggestions on how to use stones as part of your home decor

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Some rooms in the house can be decorated with stones. In truth, the vast majority of spaces accept this element. From something more definitive, done on the walls, even small details that can be changed, ideal option for people looking for houses for rent directly from the owner and they know that they will not be entitled to many changes.

Stones are resistant, durable and combine with the most varied spaces in a property. They also require little maintenance, as well as being a great alternative for warmer environments, as they will make the space cooler.

Are you thinking about decorating your home with stones?? Check out some tips on how to do this:

stone wall

Anyone who can carry out renovations at home will be interested in the idea of ​​adding some stone walls. Several spaces in the house can receive this type of decoration., However, the best thing is that they are well ventilated and receive plenty of natural light..

In the kitchen, in bedrooms or living room, stone bricks are the most common. In the bathroom, the tip is to use stones that have not been cut so much and that have a straight edge.. In the external area there are more options, mainly colored.

Another alternative for the walls is to invest in the famous canjiquinha stone, It adds a more rustic touch to the room and can be placed on one of the walls of the room., in a winter garden or in some external part of the property.

This is the most popular option for those who want to invest in decoration with stones., mainly due to the rustic and prominent touch that the element offers. When choosing the right wall, Always bet on the one that stands out most in the environment – ​​that is, the first wall you look at, as soon as you get to that place.

Winter garden floor

Do you have or plan to have a winter garden in your home?? Do something different on the floor and use stones as part of the decoration. Could be the white ones, traditional garden gravel or gravel itself. Ideally, they should function as a path, leading to one of the plants in the garden.

Another tip is to make a path with wooden decks and leave the rest of the winter garden floor with stones.. It will look very beautiful and attract the attention of anyone who visits your home..

TV Panel

If you like the stone decoration, but you prefer something where you don't have to touch the construction of the house itself, try decorating the TV panel with small stones.

The idea is to give a different touch and make the living room – or bedroom – even more attractive., If you think it would be cool to decorate the television panel in this room. Crystals are also good choices and you won't have much work to create your decoration..

All you need are the stones that you find most beautiful, a glue for wood and the TV panel itself. Glue the objects one by one, whichever way you think is best. Let creativity flow smoothly.

If you have a house for rent on the beach and leaves furniture available for tenants, It's your chance to make leisure spaces even more attractive and with that beachy touch.

Pool edge

Stones on the edge of the pool are nothing new. Most people invest in them not just as ornaments, but as a way to make getting out of the water – and walking along the edge of the pool – safer for everyone living in the house.

To adorn this space with stones, bet on the roughest ones, that do not slip and with details that match the color of the pool and the location in which it is located. For example, if the walls have tones more reminiscent of natural colors, the stones can have the same color.

Crystals as decorative elements

Another option for those who cannot or do not think about renovating their home at first.. Stones can be used as decorative elements, being placed inside cups or vases.

Anyone who believes in energy can spread energizing crystals around the house, especially in the most frequented environments, like the living room and bedrooms.

Pink colored stones, lavender and blue convey a feeling of tranquility. White and transparent crystals are also welcome, especially in environments that have lighter tones on furniture and walls.

Stones in vases

He likes to take care of plants and has several pots at home.? Another tip for investing in stone decoration without having to make major changes to your home is to place small stones inside the vases..

Gravels are an interesting option, especially if you are growing plants that don't like a lot of water, like aloe.

Another tip is to place the stones – it can be white ones, very small – on the pot plate. You avoid the accumulation of stagnant water – bad not only for the plant, but due to the fact that it is a favorable environment for the dengue mosquito and at the same time it invests in decoration.

Floor of the house

Beyond the walls, that has gained space when it comes to stones, the floor can also receive them as part of the decoration. You don't even need to think about something very different or more rustic., marble itself is already a type of stone decoration.

Who prefers something more traditional, You can opt for stones of different sizes and colors and for the garage the famous square concrete blocks – to make them more attractive, you can paint after installation.

As you can see, Stones can be used in different areas of the house as part of the decoration. The main thing is to focus on something that matches your style and can be done.

You haven't bought your own house yet and want to live in a place that uses stone in some environment? Take the opportunity to see better photos of the internal and external spaces on a website. property rental.

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