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What is Iron Stone?

Ferro Stone or also known as Topázio is a volcanic rock, called by this name because it goes through an oxidation process, presenting different shapes, textures and colors, has a dark tone ranging from brown, rust to a black, becoming – the only.

Where can Pedra Ferro be applied??

Can be used in internal linings like fireplaces, grills, panels, islands, stair walls, sinks, bedrooms, kitchens and also external environments like facades, walls, columns, gardens, cascatas, swimming pool areas, in addition to floors. When well lit, they look even more beautiful., ensuring delicacy and refinement in any environment.

What formats are available?

Ferrostone is basically divided into 3 types:

Fillets: They are long strips of stones generally with thickness, varying lengths and widths, In this group there are irregular ones, which are more rustic stones, and sawn stones, which are more regular stones., with the standard width, varying only the other dimensions, are easy to apply.

Sawn stones: They are usually square or rectangular, have defined sizes, small or big, with variations only in thickness, facilitated labor.

Mosaics: These are smaller pieces, usually with varying sizes to form drawings or “mazes” on the wall, can be screened, that is, in plates, facilitating labor or separately to be placed individually, piece by piece, with more affordable prices.

How to place the Iron Stone?

Used ACIII mortar for applying Iron Stone, because it is a more flexible glue, allowing placement in external and internal areas, including drywall. Some Pedra Ferro models require that they be made by professional labor, due to its irregularity, a Decor Stones indicates qualified labor for these cases.

See one here video complete information on laying and waterproofing Pedra Ferro.

What is the average price for placing Pedra Ferro?

The labor price for this stone will vary depending on the model, whether it is more regular or irregular and where it will be applied., se external area, interna, low place, local alto, columns, that is, there are several variables, need to contact a professional, but in general the (average) will be around R$ 70,00m2.

What is the average price of Pedra Ferro?

The price of the product will also vary depending on the model., common (average cost) of R$ 90,00m2, may be smaller or larger than this value.

Grout is used for installation?

Only when this stone is applied to floors, to guarantee the durability of the placement, because in this case there will be more intense traffic, when covering walls there will be no need, In this case, a dry joint is made, that is, one stone leaning against another, no space, This will give a more elegant and natural look to the wall.

How thick is Iron Stone??

Ferro Stone, like most covering stones, has differences in thickness., ranging from 1,5 a 3,5cm, but this inequality works in the dough during placement.

Iron Stone needs Waterproofing?

The waterproofing of stones is always recommended to protect against possible dirt from the weather., In the case of Pedra Ferro, the Oleofugante which is a product that, in addition to protecting it, will enhance its color, providing even greater beauty to this stone.

How do I maintenance da Pedra Ferro?

The maintenance of Pedra Ferro becomes quite easy, especially if it is waterproofed., because in this case only a broom and water will clean this product or a high pressure washer to facilitate, There are also some products such as clean stone or the end of work who can assist in this process when necessary.


pedra ferro 10x10 PEDRA FERRO (2)

rs005-parede-externa-revestida-com-pedra-ferro-10x10 rs005-parede-externa-com-pedra-ferro-10x10


RF004-Parede-de-cozinha-revestida-em-Filete-Pedra-Ferro-5-cm Muro revestido com Pedra Ferro 15x15 e Sao Tome Amarela Irregular na PIscina



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